The Church we see is vibrant, alive, and radiating the reflection of heaven in every aspect. It is a Church that is of such a macro-size that the city and nation cannot help but notice it. It is a collaborative Church that is so interwoven in society that it is influencing the very culture of what will be.


We see a Church whose gatherings echo Heaven across the earth and dynamically impact the trajectory of a nation. 

We see a Church whose altars are constantly filled with individuals responding to the love of Christ and receiving the grace and salvation their Father has set before them.


The Church we see is so saturated in prayer and in tune with the heart of God that nothing can stop it or come against it. We see a Church so unified in vision that it causes the hand of God to pour out blessings that can’t even be contained. 

The Church we see is not only leading people spiritually, but practically. It is providing people with the necessary training to be leaders in their communities, businesses, and jobs. The Church we see is giving opportunities for people to grow in their leadership abilities. It is cultivating partnerships for the greater good and care of our communities.


The Church we see has a message so powerful and direct that it impacts individuals lives for years to come. It is a message so profound and beautiful that it rewrites the narrative of generations and establishes a legacy throughout cities that radiate the goodness of God and His glory.


We see a Church so full of compassion and love that people cannot help but be drawn into its doors and transformed into what God fully designed them to be. We see a Church so full of encouragement and hope that it causes people to have vision and faith for their own story like never before.


We see people whose hearts are so full of Heaven that they will do whatever it takes to see revival sweep this land and heaven come to earth.The Church we see is a Church so committed to loving, leading, and launching individuals into their destiny, that revival is in every aspect of the marketplace.


The Church we see is a collaborative community of individuals from all walks of life that exist to further the Kingdom of God and to share the Gospel in every aspect of society. This Church is an earthly representation of the Kingdom of Heaven and is demonstrating to the world the love of God and the magnificent truth of who He is.


This is the Church we see.